United Kingdom symbols/ Symbole Zjednoczonego Królestwa

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Zjednoczone Królestwo ma wiele symboli, które najkrócej możemy podzielic w następujący sposób (zamieszcze je tutaj tylko z krotka informacja po angielsku, natomiast dokładniej omowie w kolejnych postach):


  • Patron – Saint George
  • Saint’s festival – 23.04
  • Flag – Saint George’s cross – The national flag of England, has been England’s national flag since the 13th century. Originally the flag was used by the maritime state the Republic of Genoa. The English monarch paid a tribute to the Doge of Genoa from 1190 onwards, so that English ships could fly the flag as a means of protection when entering the Mediterranean. A red cross acted as a symbol for many Crusaders in the 12th and 13th centuries. It became associated with Saint George, along with countries and cities, which claimed him as their patron saint and used his cross as a banner
  • Plant – Rose – The rose is the national flower of England. It is usually red, and is used, for instance, in the emblems of the English Golf Union and England national rugby union team.
  • Animal – Lion – The Lion is a national animal of England. Lion was the nickname of England’s medieval warrior rulers with a reputation for bravery, such as Richard I of England, known as Richard the Lionheart. Lions are frequently depicted in English heraldry, either as a device on shields themselves, or as supporters.
  • Tree – Oak (dąb)  – The oak is the national tree of England, representing strength and endurance. The term Royal Oak is used to denote the escape of King Charles II from the grasps of the parliamentarians after his father’s execution; he hid in an oak tree to avoid detection before making it safely into exile. The Major Oak is an 800–1000 year old oak in Sherwood Forest, famed as the alleged principal hideout of Robin Hood.
  • The most common surname – Smith
  • The most common name – John
  • Character – Always happy
  • National anthem – God save the Queen/ King


  • Patron – St. Andrew
  • Saint’s festival – 30.11
  • Flag – St. Andrew’s cross –  the Saltire or St. Andrew’s Cross, dates (at least in legend) from the 9th century, and is thus the oldest national flag still in use
  • Plant – Thistle – The thistle, the floral emblem of Scotland, features in many Scottish symbols and logos, and on UK currency. Heather (wrzos) is also considered to be a symbol of Scotland.
  • Common names for people – Jock
  • Animal – Unicorn – The unicorn is also used as a heraldic symbol of Scotland. The Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland, used prior to 1603 by the Kings of Scotland, incorporated a lion rampant shield supported by two unicorns. On theUnion of the Crowns, the Arms were quartered with those of England and Ireland, and one unicorn was replaced by a lion (the supporters of England).
  • Instrument – bagpipe
  • Surname – Mac… lub Mc…
  • Name – Ian
  • Character – Careful with money
  • National anthem – Scotland has no official national anthem. There are several candidates, however: Flower of Scotland is popularly held to be the National Anthem of Scotland


  • Patron – St. David
  • Saint’s festival – 01.03
  • Flag – The Red Dragon – The Flag of Wales incorporates the red dragon (Y Ddraig Gochof Prince Cadwaladeralong with the Tudor colours of green and white. It was used by Henry VII at the battle of Bosworth in 1485 after which it was carried in state to St. Paul’s Cathedral. The red dragon was then included in the Tudor royal arms to signify their Welsh descent. It was officially recognised as the Welsh national flag in 1959. The British Union Flag incorporates the flags of Scotland, Ireland and England but does not have any Welsh representation. Technically, however, it is represented by the flag of England due to the Laws in Wales act of 1535 which annexed Wales following the 13th century conquest.
  • Plant – Daffodil/Leek – The leek is also a national emblem of Wales. According to legend, Saint David ordered his Welsh soldiers to identify themselves by wearing the vegetable on their helmets in an ancient battle against the Saxons that took place in a leek field. It is still worn on St David’s Day each 1 March. The daffodil is the national flower of Wales, and is worn on St David’s Day each 1 March. (In Welsh, the daffodil is known as „Peter’s Leek”, cenhinen Bedr.)
  • Common names for people – Dai, Taffy
  • Animal – The red kite (kania)-  is sometimes named as the national symbol of wildlife in Wales
  • Tree – The red kite (kania)-  The Sessile Oak – , also called the Welsh Oak is the national tree of Wales
  • Instrument – harp
  • Surname – Davis, Evans, Jones
  • Character – singers
  • National anthem – Patriotic anthems for „the land of Song” include „Hen Wlad fy Nhadau” („Land of My Fathers„) (national anthem), „Men of Harlech”, „Cwm Rhondda” (national hymn

Northern Ireland

  • Patron – St. Patrick
  • Saint’s festival – 17.03
  • Flag – St. Patrick’s Cross – The Northern Ireland flag was previously the former Governmental Northern Ireland banner (also known as the „Ulster Banner” or „Red Hand Flag„). It was based on the arms of the former Parliament of Northern Ireland, and was used officially by the Government of Northern Ireland and its agencies between 1953 and 1972. Since 1972, it has had no official status. UK flags policy states that in Northern Ireland: The Ulster flag and the Cross of St. Patrick have no official status and, under the Flags Regulations, are not permitted to be flown from Government Buildings
  • Plant – Shamrock/ Flax (len) – on the example of this plant Saint Partick presented the idea of the Holy Trinity.
  • Common names for people – Paddy, Mick
  • Animal – Nessie – the Loch Ness monster
  • Instrument – harp
  • Surname – O’…..
  • Name – Sean
  • Character – talker
  • National anthem – At the Commonwealth Games, the Northern Ireland team uses the Ulster Banner as its flag and Londonderry Air (usually set to lyrics as Danny Boy) is used as its national anthem




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