Some Useless Facts 2/ Wiedza Bezużyteczna 2

20 Gru

  • The average human eats 8 spiders in their lifetime at night.
  • More people are killed by donkeys annually than are killed in plane crashes.
  • Women blink nearly twice as much as men.
  • The continents names all end with the same letter with which they start.
  • Shakespeare invented the word „assassination” and „bump.”
  • According to tests made at the Institute for the Study of Animal Problems in Washington, D.C., dogs and cats, like people, are either right-handed or left-handed — that is, they favor either their right or left paws.
  • A giraffe can go without water longer than a camel can.
  • Blue whales weigh as much as 30 elephants and are as long as 3 Greyhound buses.
  • Crocodiles and alligators are surprisingly fast on land. Although they are rapid, they are not agile; so if you ever find yourself chased by one, run in a zigzag line. You’ll lose him or her every time.
  • Birds do not sleep in their nests. They may occasionally nap in them, but they actually sleep in other places.


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