Famous British People Born in January/ Sławni Brytyjczycy Urodzeni w Styczniu

19 Sty

J R R Tolkien
British fantasy novelist, author of Lord of the Rings. Lived 1892 – 1973.

Graham Chapman
British writer and comedian – think Monty Python!

Virginia Woolf
Author who wrote much on the subject of women’s rights

Thomas Paine
English political theorist, 1737-1809

Francis Bacon
English philosopher and author, 1561 – 1626

Simon Rattle
British conductor

Emma Bunton
Still known to most people as Baby Spice, Emma’s halo has yet to slip

Samuel Palmer
English painter, 1805-188

Rowan Atkinson
Comedian, better known as Mr Bean and for Blackadder

Robert Burns
Famous Scottish poet

Phil Collins
Successful musician

David Lloyd George
Ex-British Prime Minister

Lord Byron

Lewis Carroll
Writer of children’s classic ‚Alice In Wonderland

Kate Moss
Popular and enduring British supermodel, 1974

Alan Alda
Actor, best known for his role in sitcom „M*A*S*H

A A Milne
Writer of books for young children, „Winnie-the-Pooh” lived 1882 – 1956



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